Forest Clans

Can you survive in the wild?

Welcome to Forest Clans

In the forest lives five Clans of cats, with their warrior ancestors watching over and guiding them. They are known as the Forest Clans.

Welcome to the site! This is a role-play site based on the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter. I'm Rubyfur, owner of the site. Head to the guestbook if you would like to join.

DO NOT COPY MY IDEAS AND OTHER STUFF, EVEN IF YOU GIVE ME CREDIT. Ask for my permission first, I'd more likely let you. If I see you using my ideas/stuff without asking my permission, I will go to your site and ask you to take it off.

Feel free to use pictures from my site, however, do save and upload them yourself to avoid hotlinking (this can be reported). Pictures with my watermark must be asked for permission first before they are allowed to be taken out.


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General enquiries are to be posted in the guestbook. If there is, however, anything that you wish to ask in private, you can drop me an email at


For advertisments, head to the guestbook (though you can do it here as well).

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